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Based at Aligarh - 131 Km off New Delhi, Capital of India,G.Bhaiya Ji (INDIA) are engaged 
in designing,production of ironmongery,cast iron,brass & aluminum builders hardware,
gate hardware,securitylock and other metallic door furniture to he international market
since 1993.
Since then we have grown with a vision to provide international quality products and services.
This vision is exemplified by the fact that all our customers that have started business
relationship with us are still continuing and deepening their relationship as each year passes by. As you will find in the Web Site,We offer a vast product range to suit every taste and every budget.
Much more than merely providing a shelter to its occupants, a home
is a silent, yet very elopuent statement by and about the person who
has built it. The decors used in a home, thus, also become parts of the
non-verbal language in which this statement is being made.
While serving their basic purpose very well, the home decor range helps
people make very positive statements.
We are commited to serve our Customers Worldwide...
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G.Bhaiya Ji India.
Ved Nagar, Near Bank Colony Park,Premier Nagar,
 Aligarh-202001 U.P. - INDIA
Tel : +91-571-2415154,  Fax : +91-571-2416237  Email : ganesh_gpt@yahoo.com